Community of Hope

Charlie Giglio

Community of Hope International equips lay people to serve in all forms of pastoral care. Pastoral care is when a person is being “present” in a listening, compassionate, non-controlling manner to an individual or group for the purpose of consciously or unconsciously representing God to them and seeking to respond to their spiritual needs.

Through ongoing spiritual formation and practical lessons on caregiving, members learn to match theological insights and spiritual practices with their experiences of ministering to others.

St. George's Church in Clifton Park offers Community of Hope International training classes every year. We at St. Boniface currently have seven graduates of the program with more expected soon.

After receiving training, individuals are invited to join the Circle of Care. The Circle of Care nurtures and sustains our
Benedictine communities of Christ-centered lay pastoral caregivers who are inspired through the Rule of Benedict to seek a balance between doing for God and being with God. 

At least once a month, lay chaplains gather in the Circle of Care to pray, read and reflect on The Rule of Benedict,  enjoy continuing education, and provide each other with mutual support and encouragement as they reflect on their emotional and spiritual responses to pastoral encounters. Doing so deepens the roots of a community centered on spiritual encouragement, grace, comfort, healing, and hope.

The Circle of Care provides fertile soil for spiritual development where lay chaplains grow in their understanding of God, themselves, and others.