Step 1: Prayerfully determine your legacy priorities –loved ones, Saint Boniface and other institutions; and determine your current financial situation and future financial needs.

Step 2: Review the types of gifts to become familiar with the various legacy giving vehicles, and see which are suited to meeting your financial needs and priorities.

Step 3: Pull together your financial and planning information –bank and brokerage accounts, stock holdings, real estate information, insurance policies, IRAs; and lists of family, friends and institutions you wish to continue supporting.

Step 4: Meet with a professional advisor to design your gift plans.

Step 5: Advise your loved ones and Saint Boniface of your plans.

To download a copy of our Legacy Planning Guide click here.

To download a copy of our Declaration of Intent click here.


Most of us take more time planning how we’ll spend our week’s vacation than how we’ll distribute assets gained over our lifetimes. Statistics show that most Americans die without creating a will. A good place to begin your will is a spiritual will, or ethical will. This ancient tradition, which helps ensure that your last will and testimony are also a testimony to your faith and values, traces its origins to biblical times. Before passing along their inheritance, fathers would pass on the wisdom of their years and their hopes for their children's future. In creating or updating your will, consider giving it power by beginning with a spiritual will. For more information go to

Congratulations if you are among those few who have a will. Be sure to review it regularly. One that's not up-to-date may cause additional stress and work for your heirs. Make sure it represents your current circumstances and goals, assets, family situation, home state, church and favored charities. And, make sure you’ve stored it in a safe and accessible place. Share your plans with your family (or executor) to help them more easily understand and carry them out. For a guide on preparing or updating your will or to discuss Saint Boniface as part of your legacy and giving plans, contact to be determined