Sunday School

The Children’s Chapel meets during the ten o’clock service with a rotating schedule of volunteer teachers.  The children hear a Bible story each week and complete a craft.

Amanda Wilber mentioned that the children enjoy contributing to their offering box each week.

Joyful B’s

The Joyful B’s Women’s Group met on Saturday, May 13. The mini program for the meeting was “Keep Calm.”

At the meeting they voted to give $30 to the Guilderland Food Pantry from the proceeds of the Easter baskets raffle, $129 was raised.  They also voted to give $100 to a young mother who is battling cancer.

There will be no June meeting nor picnic as everyone’s schedules are very busy.  The Joyful B’s will travel to Lake George in July for a ride on the Lac du Saint Sacrement, tentatively scheduled for July 27.

There will also be a ladies lunch during August.  Both events are open to all the women of the parish and their friends.

Barbara has been researching some new bead craft ideas that the women could make during the fall for this year’s Christmas Bazaar.

Regular monthly meetings will resume in September.

Rummage Sale Results

With a lot of work by Amanda Wilber and her band of volunteers, the Rummage Sale was set up, supervised and cleaned up again.  With a slightly less elaborate event than was held the previous year, the sale still earned $330 dollars which was donated to the Building on Faith fund.

Summer Coffee Hour

Coffee hour continues during July and August after the ten o’clock service.  A sign-up sheet for volunteers will be posted.  As always, beverages will be provided, volunteers need only bring a light snack.

Science and Religion

The Life Long Learners met on May 26 and will now be on hiatus during the summer due to travel plans and vacations.

Web Report

At the May vestry meeting, Don Lansing gave an extensive report on the Website at the May vestry meeting and the number of hits (6,964 since September) it generates which he can track by category. He asked for comments about the backgrounds being used.

He once again asked that pictures be taken at any parish event and forwarded to him for inclusion on the Website. Cell phone pictures are fine, and they need not be posed, shots of meetings, work days, and fund raisers can all be included to show the activities of the parish.

Don also mentioned that there is a program called Amazon Smiles which would allow customers to donate to St. Boniface whenever they shop at Amazon eliminating the need to go through the Website  first. The vestry is following up on this.

Don also showed the vestry how the church bulletin and readings look on the Website, and mentioned that the new parish directory would be added online and password protected. He is still researching equipment for recording Father Steven’s sermons to make them available online.

Don now also has access to the St. Boniface Face book site and will be adding to that as well.

Hannaford Gift Card Program

Michael Noone reported that sales as of Sunday May 21 were $31,310 with income to the parish of $1,841.78 since the first of the year.

Building Updates

The vestry discussed updating the women’s restroom on the main floor which is certainly needed. Jack Fairbank would be able to do the tile work himself saving considerable expense.  Removing the second toilet and stall was suggested as a way to open up the space as well as new light fixtures and wall treatment.  A detailed proposal will be discussed at a later meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Marlene Jefferson reported that new substitutes had been added to the offering counting team. Two persons are needed each week to count and record the offering after the ten o’clock service.

She said she is investigating, with the help of Rod Mason and Laura McQuade, new recording programs which could be used for the church financial records. The current program, Membership Plus, is no longer supported nor does it have capability for cloud storage.  They are looking for a new church-specific program which would be compatible with the current program and reasonably priced.

In Other Business

Vestry Meeting Schedule - Sundays 11:30 AM

  • Date change- *June 25*
  • No Vestry Meeting in July
  • August 20
  • September 17

Note on Calendar Dates

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