Children’s Chapel

The Children’s Chapel continues this summer during the ten AM service. Children will hear a story and make a simple craft.

Summer Coffee Hour

Please sign up as you are available for hosting coffee hour during July and August. Beverages are provided, hosts need only bring a light snack or sweet.

Joyful B’s

The Joyful B’s will travel to Lake George in July for a ride on the Lac du Saint Sacrement. Tentatively scheduled for July 27.  Directions

There will also be a ladies lunch during August.  Both events are open  to all the women of the parish and their friends.

Regular monthly meetings will resume in September.

Web Report

Don Lansing will be working on a new project for the parish.  He has scanned the pages from the scrapbooks at church and will be using the pictures and information from them to produce a church history DVD with narration.  The project will begin with information about the decision to form  the parish and continue through the years until the present time.  The DVD will then be available for purchase.

Don also has taken over the task of maintaining the parish Facebook page. If you go to the page, please LIKE it. 

The parish prayer lists are now online.  Names can be added to the prayer list from the Website. Don has also added two prayers that can be used, one specifically for those in the Armed Forces.

Don will soon begin recording Father Steven’s sermons and those also will be available on the Website.

Finally, if you haven’t already connected, it is now possible to have church calendar items attached to your gmail calendar.

Thanks, Don !

June Vestry Reports

Restroom Plans

Our wardens, Jack Fairbank and Laura McQuade, along with Richard Green have been considering various plans for both restrooms on the main floor of the building.  At the June meeting, Jack gave an update on the discussion so far but no final plan was presented for approval.  The plan will include new flooring and lighting.  Parish volunteers will be able to do much of the work which will begin with the current ladies room.

Outdoor Outlet

Thanks to Barbara Emerson a GFCI outlet will be added to the base of the new sign.  This will allow us to again display the lighted Nativity scene.

          May Financial Report

Marlene Jefferson represented the financial report to the vestry.   Overall income was below what was anticipated which is not unusual for this time of year. Fund raising from Hannaford cards and  the rummage sale was more than budgeted. Most of our parishioners are either up-to-date on or ahead of the amount pledged to the church and we thank them for their faithfulness.

Vestry Meeting Schedule

Sundays 11:30 AM

No Vestry Meeting in July

August 20

September 17