Science and Religion

      Monday, 4 June we will finish the 2017 - 18 series of audited lessons with the second and last hour of the PBS special Darwin's Dangerous Idea.  Thereafter we will suspend meetings for the summer season and resume at a date (TBD) in September.
      Thinking ahead, we need to decide on our next learning adventure.  To help, I will update the list of available dvd courses that I have from The Teaching Company and elsewhere and provide it to you before we resume.  But we are not confined so if you have other ideas on how to proceed please bring them forth.
      Have a great summer,

Summer Coffee Hour Sign-up


Robin Scherck has placed a a sign-up sheet in the back of the church  for coffee hour hosts during July and August. If you can bring some sweets and treats during the summer, please volunteer.  As always, beverages will be provided.

Bulldogs Bible Study

 Hello Everyone,

     We are approaching the season of multiple vacations, family functions and other unscheduled events.  So we have decided to suspend, but not end, Bulldogs' meetings.  Tentatively, we shall resume 12 September.


Guilderland Food Pantry

          Please help us with our ongoing support f the Guilderland Interfaith Food Pantry.  Any donation of shelf-stable food, paper products or personal care item is appreciated.

Needs for June are: Coffee, Paper Product, Canned Fruit, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Rice, Boxed Potatoes.

The donation basket is in the narthex.