Commitment Campaign

2017 Parish Commitment Campaign

One of the most important commitments we make is to our Parish in the name of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. As we approach the fall season, we should review what we do to give back to God by way of His Church, through our volunteer hours with the various parish committees or projects, our participation in the church programs and our financial giving. What we decide becomes our commitment, in Christ. Our Stewardship is how we strive to fulfill this and other commitments to the Lord.

The 2017 St. Boniface Parish Commitment Campaign will begin Sunday, October 1, with the Warden’s Talk”, and will end on October 29, “Commitment Sunday”, when we ask that all remaining “Commitment” cards be turned in.

For those new to the parish, the annual Commitment Campaign is short and low key. The Rector, Wardens and Parishioners all have a part. We have been very successful with this approach. Last year parishioners pledged $122,030 for 2017. As of July 31, 56.41% of this pledge has been met.

The overall GOAL of the Commitment Campaign is for everyone to make a "Commitment" and turn in a “Commitment Card”. Everyone makes their own decision or “Commitment” to Jesus Christ. What you decide is kept in strict confidentiality.

One's Commitment is all of the following:

  1. A commitment to pray for the ministries of St. Boniface Parish and its parishioners,
  2. A commitment to attend the Eucharist every Sunday,
  3. A commitment to giving back to God a tithe (10%) of your time, talent and finances for the 2016 calendar year. If you cannot commit to a 10% tithe, any amount is accepted as your pledge for 2018. Please turn in a card no matter how small the pledge, so we can achieve a 100% Commitment

A Campaign poster will display the “Harvest” of the “Commitment Cards”. This year we will be harvesting apples. Each “Commitment” Card collected will result in another “Apple” added to the harvest, to represent “Our Total Commitment”. Since our GOAL is for everyone to make a “Commitment”, that GOAL will be met when ALL of the apples on the campaign poster are harvested.

The poster also displays a thermometer to show the total financial pledge by the members of the parish. This year the thermometer will include the 2016 pledge, the 2016 budget, and the total 2017 pledge needed to fund all of the expenses and programs approved by the Vestry in the proposed 2018 budget.

The full campaign schedule is as follows:

October 1 - Warden’s Talk

October 8 - Warden's Letter, with Commitment Cards enclosed; Campaign Poster Displayed; Initial Collection of Cards.

October 15 – Rector’s Sermon, Rector’s Letter; Second Sunday for collection of Commitment Cards.

October 22 - Third Sunday for collection of Commitment Cards. Contact Lists prepared for “Reminder Calls” by members of the Stewardship Committee.

October 22-29 - “Reminder Calls” by Stewardship Committee.  

October 29 “COMMITMENT SUNDAY”- ALL outstanding Commitment Cards are asked to be brought to Church and the Campaign concludes with the “Harvest Luncheon” after the 10 AM service.                                                                      

To a Successful 2017 Campaign!  

Bob Conklin, Stewardship Chair 

Warden's Letter  Commitment Card  Commitment Letter

All Saints Day

Wednesday, November 1, is All Saints Day. In addition to the 12:05 service on that day, All Saints Day will also be celebrated on the following Sunday, November 5, as we remember all the family saints who have gone before us.


To add your "Family Saints" to our prayer list please either enter them on the sign-up sheet hanging on the bulletin board in the Narthax or Click Here to enter them on line.

Ladies Luncheon

The Joyful B’s Women’s Group and friends will meet at Lakeside Farm in Ballston Lake at noon on Monday, October 23, for lunch. In addition to the restaurant, Lakeside Farm has a Country Market and a Gift Shop.

Fall Harvest Luncheon

The annual Fall Harvest Luncheon will be held on Sunday October 29 following the second service - 11:30 AM. A turkey will be provided.  Those attending are asked to sign up to bring a fall family favorite side dish or dessert to share. This is a parish family event which also celebrates the successful conclusion of the Commitment Campaign, everyone is welcome.


There will be a 9 AM Celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Thursday, November 23, Thanksgiving Day.

Church Bazaar

The annual Christmas Bazaar and Cookie Sale will be held on Saturday, December 2 from 9 - 1.  The Joyful B’s are planning a craft day to make items for the event.

Advent Service

The Guilderland Interfaith Council Advent Service will be held on Sunday, December 3, at 4 PM at Christ the King Roman Catholic Church. The St. Boniface Choir and Father Steven will participate.

Directory Update

The new directory has been printed. Copies are available at the church.

Preserving Our History

Don Lansing has begun organizing a project to record interviews with long-time members to preserve our parish history.  The recordings will be archived and available through the Web site.

Restroom Plans

At the September vestry meeting, the renovation of the ladies room was discussed. An anonymous donor has agreed to cover the cost of the floor tile for the ladies room.  The Joyful B’s have donated $500 which will be used to offset cost of the vanity and sink.   Other donations have been offered.  The tile has been purchased and is ready to be installed. Final plans are being made and supplies purchased.